Timeline for Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox

When a person makes the choice to stop consuming alcoholic drinks, withdrawal symptoms can start as soon as six hours. Over the next two or three days, the symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol typically become more intense. The entire cycle lasts about a week for most people. Finding inpatient alcohol treatment can be beneficial to help individuals work through the process of withdrawal from alcohol. Even with professional help, individuals still have to work through the process of dealing with their alcohol withdrawal symptoms in Corona, CA.

The Symptoms of Withdrawal Alcoholism

During the first 12 hours a person is experiencing alcohol withdrawal, sweating is normal. There may also be some irritability and you may feel nauseous. When you’re in inpatient alcohol treatment your vitals will be monitored closely. It’s likely your heart rate and blood pressure may go up. During the first 12 hours, insomnia and tremors usually begin too. After 24 to 48 hours, your symptoms will start to worsen. Sometimes, symptoms of withdrawals from alcohol can become severe to include hallucinations, seizures or delirium. These can continue for a few days, and you may also experience emotional distress. Some people who have symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol can start to feel better after five days, but some may have anxiety, insomnia and irritability for several weeks or months.

Getting Help from an Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center

The fear of experiencing withdrawals from alcohol should not be a deterrent to getting help. Withdrawal is just one of the negative consequences of abusing alcohol, but there is hope. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Daylight Recovery Services to learn more about how you can have a new life.