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Residential Treatment Center in Corona, CA

Our residential treatment center provides therapy for addiction, addiction co-occurring with a mental illness and other behavioral health problems. The primary objective of our inpatient drug rehab services is to help clients through alcohol and drug detoxification while ascertaining the issues that are stemming from the cause and creating an individual treatment plan for recovery. Therapies used in this process work around the client’s specific substance abuse circumstances.

Our residential rehab is staffed 24/7 by our behavioral health staff to ensure our clients are safe. Typical clients at our residential treatment center in Corona, CA arrive for medically monitored detox and subsequently transition to a lower level of care at the end of their detox processes, such as our inpatient program or outpatient drug treatment.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Center Medication Procedures

Our medication procedure involves clients self-administering medications under the supervision of trained staff members.

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment in Southern California

Our residential drug treatment in Corona & Riverside County helps individuals maintain long-term recovery through residential substance abuse treatment. With inpatient drug rehab, this is a great start in addressing a substance abuse issue. Contact Daylight Recovery Services for admission to our residential treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction and sustain life-long recovery.

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