Drug Detoxification Treatment Center in the City of Corona

Drug detoxification is usually the first type of treatment that a person receives. The drug detoxification process, also known as “detox,” is used to heal clients from chemical dependency. During this process, the body flushes itself of the substances that have created a dependence due to substance abuse. Drug detox can go on for a few weeks or longer depending on how long the addiction has been present within the individual. The detoxification process is crucial especially if our clients are dealing with long-term addiction. If a client has already completed our detox and inpatient rehabilitation programs, then intensive outpatient programs are the next possible step for continue support for recovery.

Understanding the Drug Detox Process

Our drug detox program in Corona & Riverside County offers round-the-clock monitoring of the client throughout the entire withdrawal process. The detox program lasts between 5 to 7 days, and we monitor our clients 24/7 to ensure their safety. Suitable medications are self-administered as necessary, throughout the rehab detox program.

We place great emphasis on the physiological and emotional aspects of a client during drug detoxification treatment. At Daylight Recovery Services, our integrated treatment approach addresses co-occurring issues typically seen, such as anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression and other mental health conditions.

We will work collaboratively with the client to create a comprehensive individualized treatment plan that is focused on their specific needs while receiving care at Daylight Recovery Services.

Daylight Recovery Services is one of the best rehabilitation centers in California. We provide an individualized approach to individual healing and sobriety. Call 1-833-2DAYLIGHT for more information on our drug detox program in Corona, CA.

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