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Substance Abuse and Drug  Addiction Treatment Program in Corona & Riverside

People use drugs and alcohol for varied and complicated reasons. Addiction may begin in early childhood due to their home environment or the teen years. Early recognition of substance abuse or alcohol dependence increases possibilities for successful substance abuse help. Daylight Recovery Services in Corona, CA offers substance abuse treatment services for adults based on their individual needs as determined by extensive evaluations at the time of admission and when participating in our program.

Our substance abuse rehab plans are customized based on several individual factors including severity of addiction, state of mental health and other behavioral health problems.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Clients who have completed the detox process and whose physical withdrawal symptoms have stabilized will enter residential treatment. Our drug rehab center in Corona & Riverside County offers 24/7 medical monitoring throughout the entire withdrawal process to ensure the safety of our clients. Medications are self-administered as necessary under the supervision of trained staff.

Our integrated treatment for addiction also addresses co-occurring issues typically see such as anxiety, PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder and other mental health conditions. Clients at our substance treatment centers will go through various types of treatment for addiction or alcohol dependence including group therapy, individual sessions, and drug education. Exposure to 12-step programs can also be an essential part of the treatment plan while taking part in our substance treatment programs. Our mission is to help our clients take control of their lives so that they no longer have to depend on drugs and alcohol. Staying free from addiction is a lifelong process that takes time, commitment, and effort. Contact Daylight Recovery Services to start the process of substance abuse treatment today at 1-833-2DAYLIGHT!

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