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Telling Loved Ones About Your Addiction

Acknowledging you have a problem with drugs or alcohol can be difficult and scary, but it is the first step toward recovery. Telling your loved ones that you struggle with addiction and need help can be even harder. Letting your loved ones know about your problem with drugs or alcohol can reinforce your willingness and commitment to get sober, and they can encourage your sobriety and show support to help you throughout recovery.

Tips to help you talk to your loved ones

  • Remind family that you are accepting responsibility. Inform them you will do whatever it takes to attain sobriety, and are seeking professional help. Loved ones can also be skeptical about your willingness to live a sober life. People who were never afflicted by addiction can have a hard time understanding what you are going through.
  • Let your family know that you will work on repairing your relationships. Invite them to go to family therapy or counseling with you. Keep communication open and let family members know you are serious about recovery and will follow through.
  •         Listen to children, if they are involved. Answer their questions in an age-appropriate manner. Explain that addiction is an illness and talk to them honestly and openly. It is very important to listen to children and let them know they are a huge part of your life.
  •         Take the time to prepare what you are going to say. The conversation will be emotional, so planning on what to say guides you to say everything you want to. If you were around your family on a regular basis while you were under the influence, chances are, they already know about your addiction.
  •         Tell family your plans to get help in treatment and your desire to live substance free. When loved ones see that you are being honest and humble, they will be supportive and willing to help when you go to treatment and throughout recovery. The conversation you have with your family about your problem with drugs or alcohol is difficult but necessary for the best results in recovery.

Treatment for addiction

If you or your loved one suffers from a substance use disorder or addiction, get help now. There is no cure for addiction, but treatment is available and there is hope in recovery. Addiction is isolating, but you are not alone. Many who struggle with addiction get help and live enjoyable, healthy, fulfilling lives. Recovery is a lifelong process and getting support from loved ones will encourage your success. Take the first step toward breaking the chains of addiction and get help today.


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