Motherhood and Addiction Recovery: Challenges Faced and How To Overcome Them

Motherhood is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. However, juggling careers, parenthood, and the societal pressures of “perfectionism” has left many mothers completely overwhelmed and drained. Add addiction recovery to this mix, and the entire process can be daunting. While current research has shown that, on average, more men have drug and alcohol problems, studies have found that women tend to progress more quickly from using a substance to addiction. They are also more likely to suffer a relapse. The toughest part of battling addiction for most women, especially mothers, is the judgment and stigma surrounding this topic, often resulting in deep shame. 

Multiple Issues Mothers Face In Recovery

As mothers tend to internalize the guilt surrounding their addiction, the issues they face in recovery are often two-fold such as:

Sustainable Recovery Is Possible

With all of these additional challenges (and many others) that mothers face while in recovery, it’s no wonder relapse rates are so common. But there is hope. In addition to professional treatment and self-care, it is vital to surround yourself with other moms who are healing from substance use. The toll that substance use takes on mothers and their families is devastating, and only another mom can truly understand the pain and hardships. This kind of support will free you from some of the shame and guilt surrounding addiction and make a sustainable and lasting difference on the road to sobriety

Motherhood, Addiction, and Treatment

No mother plans on becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, but substance abuse can quickly take hold and spiral out of control. If you or another mother you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, get help – you are not alone and recovery is possible. The sooner you start treatment, the faster you will be on your journey of recovery. One of the best quotes about a mother’s strength can be summed up by the writer/actor/comedian Tina Fey, “I think every mom feels the same thing, you go through chunks of time just thinking, “This is impossible, – oh, this is impossible.” And then you just keep going and going, and then suddenly – you do the impossible.” If recovery feels impossible, let our experts give you hope and contact us today at 1-833-2DAYLIGHT.