Mindfulness in Corona CA Might Help Sufferers of Substance Abuse

Mindfulness is trendy lately, and for a good reason. Instead of requiring more, mindfulness only asks a person to be aware, to observe, to be present. It’s easy to turn to a drink when stress gets passed a certain point. Mindfulness is so powerful, though, because it doesn’t have negative consequences.

Practicing being mindful can be difficult at first, but as with all things, practice makes perfect. The objective is to be entirely in the moment, without thought, judgment, or agenda.

When stress begins to build, it’s best to find a quiet place to be alone for a moment. Anywhere from thirty seconds to 5 minutes, whatever is available. A deep breath in and out in slow, controlled breathing forces the heart rate to slow, pulls in more oxygen, and releases serotonin. Most choose then to do a body scan — from head to toe, feel each part of the body, one mindful breath a time.

Individuals who have made a choice to limit or eliminate alcohol will likely experience some discomfort, either physically or mentally. Dependence is a tough habit to break, but tough doesn’t mean impossible. Professional treatment programs often incorporate some form of mindfulness because they realize the incredible benefits it offers.

Research-based rehabilitation programs could be an excellent resolution to withdrawals from alcohol. Centers include a team of addiction experts with experience and passion. Contact Daylight Recovery Services for management and recovery for withdrawals from alcohol for more information.