Mind, Body, and Spiritual Healing for Addiction

Addiction is harmful to your physical, mental, and emotional health. Addiction destroys relationships with family and friends. Taking the first step toward sobriety can be scary and difficult, especially when you do not know what to expect.

Holistic treatment

Holistic treatment that focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit is important for a healthy and full recovery. Activities promoting health and well-being will help with your healing process. Services provided in holistic treatment derive from integrative medicine and are used to achieve total wellness by focusing on the unified mind, body, and spirit. The goal is intended to treat the whole person and not just the individual symptoms of the addiction or substance use disorder.

Recovery from addiction not only helps your body but also clears your mind. Addiction is an illness that changes the way your brain controls your body’s functions and chemistry and creates an emotional dependence. Effective treatment teaches the brain to live without toxins.

In treatment, you will learn to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression without the use of drugs or alcohol. Exploring fun, healthy activities will help occupy your mind, distract you from using, and promote wellness. Healthy activities such as yoga, meditation, and exercise help clear your mind to concentrate on recovery.

Staying away from drugs or alcohol can be very difficult because your body depends on them to function. Intense cravings and physical withdrawals make living substance-free more complicated in early recovery. In treatment, your body will go through significant changes. Many counselors and staff are in recovery from addiction and understand these challenges. They are passionate about helping you and want to see you successfully recover. 

Treatment for addiction, substance use disorders, and mental health

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or substance use disorder and a mental health condition, get help today. Treatment is tailored to your unique needs. Addiction makes you feel isolated, but you are not alone. Addiction is hard to overcome, but it is possible.

Addiction robs your self-worth and ability to connect with others. It drains you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Holistic treatment helps you discover more about yourself, restores your faith, and renews your spirit. Treatment will help you look inward and identify your strengths and self-awareness. Recovery restores your spirit and gives you the confidence, encouragement, and sense of self that you lost with addiction. Get help now.


Daylight Recovery Services takes a holistic approach to substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment to address the physical, psychological, and spiritual facets of addiction and recovery. We ensure clients emerge from our facility with the proper tools and confidence in their ability to lead a healthy, enjoyable life. If you or someone you love is ready to break free of the bondage of addiction, contact one of our recovery experts today at 1-833-2DAYLIGHT.