Healing Qualities of Water and Oxygen

Addiction changes our brain chemistry and leads to cravings for more drugs or alcohol to function. Addiction affects our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. While actively addicted, our mind is clouded with toxic substances and we might feel scared, worthless, shameful, and experience low self-worth. Water and oxygen are essential to our survival and are essential elements that improve mood, lessen symptoms of anxiety and depression, and restore physical health.

How Water Helps in Recovery

Water can provoke a meditative state. When you are in or near water, your brain gets a sense of rest from the overstimulation of drug or alcohol use. Water makes your brain relaxed and focused, which benefits the mind, body, and spirit. When you are around water, you get a cognitive break because there is less information and noise entering your brain. An example of this effect is comparable to the soothing sensation you feel listening to ocean waves rolling toward the beach or listening to the sound of a waterfall.

Our brains continue working, but in a different way, according to marine biologist, Wallace J. Nichols. He explains, “we all have a “blue mind – a mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity, and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment” when we are in or near water. (Carolyn Gregoire, Huffington Post, 2017).

The Benefits of Oxygen

Spending more time in nature improves mental health. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and stress are significantly lowered. An article on oxygen levels and brain function for the Lung Institute (2016) states, “When you’re calm, breathing becomes easier and stress levels are lower. Deep breathing, meditation and positive thinking exercises are good ways to help you relax. Exercise also increases the oxygen in your blood.”

Drug and alcohol use can result in decreased blood concentration and deprive brain tissue of oxygen. A lack of oxygen to the brain can lead to brain cell death and coma. Staying active in an oxygen-rich environment helps boost morale, reduce stress, and makes the recovery process much easier.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy focuses on healing the entire body and treats the mind, body, and spirit for the best success in recovery. This type of treatment teaches mindfulness and awareness of self and others with clarity and allows you to be in the “present.” Meditation and yoga are healthy activities that use breathing techniques to help clear the mind, restore health, and renew the spirit. Clearing the mind in an oxygen-rich environment helps the brain to heal and function without the control of drugs or alcohol.

According to an article on How Meditation Conquers Addiction, EOC Institute, meditation stimulates and trains your brain to be happy and “naturally high” without the need for alcohol, prescriptions, marijuana, drugs, cigarettes, or any other addictive substance to feel good.

Treatment for Addiction

Addiction is isolating and makes us feel helpless. If you or a loved one is struggling from addiction or a substance use disorder, get help now. Treatment can be tailored to your specific needs. Asking for help can feel overwhelming and scary, but you are not alone. While there is no cure for addiction, it is treatable and there is hope in recovery. Treatment can help to restore your health, renew your spirit, and save your life.


Daylight Recovery Services takes a holistic approach to substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment to address the physical, psychological, and spiritual facets of addiction and recovery. We ensure clients emerge from our facility with the proper tools and confidence in their ability to lead a healthy, enjoyable life. If you or someone you love is ready to break free of the bondage of addiction, contact one of our recovery experts today at 1-833-2DAYLIGHT.