Gratitude and Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

Addiction affects our physical, mental, and emotional health. Drugs and alcohol take the brain hostage and interfere with reasoning, movement, feelings, and self-care. Holistic addiction treatment focuses on mindfulness, which helps clients to stay in the right mindset for recovery.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being present, aware, and participating consciously in your experiences as they happen. Mindfulness is owning each moment and can lead to a richer, fuller life because you are noticing everything that you missed while in the throes of addiction. Being mindful contributes to greater contentment within the moment.

Clearing all concerns and regrets out of your mind makes it easier to focus on the things you are thankful for in the present. Gratitude and mindfulness help you to become more aware of yourself and appreciate those who stood by through difficult times while actively using drugs or alcohol.

Why Does Gratitude Help Recovery?

Loved ones stayed with you and were there when you needed them most. Treatment professionals and members of your support groups cared for you when you were at your worst. In recovery, these individuals are still cheering you on, celebrating your successes, and supporting you in your recovery journey.

Being grateful for staying sober means our attitude for gratitude helps us stay that way. We can focus on being thankful for those who helped us, which encourages us to work toward our goals in recovery and staying connected to those who still struggle.

Living Mindfully

Mindfulness helps us appreciate where we are, who we are, and who we are with at any time. If you can find a way to change your approach, to begin to live a life in recovery without expectations from others, then you can avoid disappointment. Living in the moment and accepting each person for who they are will bring you greater happiness than if you dwell on past events.

Addiction makes physical and physiological changes to the brain. The routine of addiction affects the way a person thinks, acts, and feels. Every day, we are faced with people and things that make us feel. We cannot control how we feel, but we can control how we respond to our feelings. An open mind will help establish a central focus on wellness, physical and mental health, sustainable relationships, and responsibility.

Mindfulness teaches you to be aware of your emotions and respond differently. Mindfulness helps you to listen to your body. It allows you to focus on staying healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally. Living mindfully allows you to form new, healthy ways to cope with anxiety, depression, and stress.

Treatment for Addiction

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, get help now. Addiction is isolating but you are not alone. Do not let the stigma of addiction or mental health prevent you from pursuing treatment. Make the life-saving decision to get help today.


Daylight Recovery Services takes a holistic approach to substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment to address the physical, psychological, and spiritual facets of addiction and recovery. We ensure clients emerge from our facility with the proper tools and confidence in their ability to lead a healthy, enjoyable life. If you or someone you love is ready to break free of the bondage of addiction, contact one of our recovery experts today at 1-833-2DAYLIGHT.