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Opioids are some of the most abused drugs on the market today. They can cause a number of negative effects on a person’s health and mind. Without the proper Opioid addiction treatment, a person will be stuck in the chains of opioid addiction and dependency. 

These substances (also known as narcotics) make up a class of drugs that typically come in the form of pain relievers. Oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, and morphine are just a few examples of opioids. 

Opioid pain relievers are meant to be prescribed by a doctor and taken for a short period of time. However, when people abuse them, opioids can create a euphoric feeling in addition to pain relief. Even just a short period of use can lead to opioid addiction, overdosing, and even death. Those who develop opioid addictions can benefit from professional opioid abuse treatment. This professional help can be critical for recovery.

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What Types of Drugs Are Opioids?

Opioids can come in many forms and are usually used to treat moderate to severe pain. While many opioids are prescribed by a medical professional, in some cases, opioids like heroin are used illegally. Commonly used opioids include:

These are some of the most common brand names of drugs that classify as opioids. Heroin is also classified as the opioid most commonly used as a recreational drug. Many of these share the same negative effects on the body and mind. 

It is important to get opioid addiction treatment sooner than later. The intense withdrawal effects can lead to a number of different health effects, and in some cases, death. If you are concerned that someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, don’t wait, get help before it’s too late. 


Oxycodone is one of the most widely used opioids on the market. This drug, in particular, helps those struggling with painful and terminal conditions. After a certain amount of time, the body may become accustomed to the prescribed amount, this can lead to tolerance. The more you increase dosage, the more you go towards addiction. 

Along with other opioids, Oxycodone is addictive and can cause a multitude of negative effects on the body. Once addiction hits, a person will become dependent on opioids. Due to this tolerance, a person can begin to suffer from withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings without opioids in their system. 


As commonly misused drugs, opioids tend to have different street names. Heroin in particular is used illegally on the streets and is highly addictive. It is important to be aware of these street names so you can spot potential opioid abuse in a loved one or someone close to you. Common streets names for opioids include:

These are just a few of the common slang terms for opioids that you may hear. As a result of its misuses, opioids tend to have street terms. Some of the street names for opioids are interchangeable. Opioids are also sometimes called “painkillers” or “pain pills” in a generic sense. But, regardless of the name a person may use, it’s important to realize the seriousness of having an opioid addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Opioid Addiction

Opioids can affect not only the person but everyone around them as well. These drugs are extremely addictive and cause a number of negative behavioral and health-related effects. It is crucial to look out for these physical and behavioral signs so you can act fast. 

If you notice any of these symptoms in a loved one, Daylight Recovery Services may be able to help. Opioid addiction treatment can help you break free from your addiction and avoid worse effects down the line. Opioid addiction treatment can be the next step to living a happier and healthier life. 

Behavioral Signs of Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction can affect how a person acts and changes their behavior. It is important to be aware of these red flags and get help as soon as possible. The following behavioral signs may emerge when someone is abusing opioids:

Opioids can affect the mind and the body as well. Becoming physically dependent on opioids can completely change a person. A person’s life can become completely centered around using opioids and getting access to them.

Physical Symptoms of Opioid Addiction

There are a number of intense negative physical symptoms that come with opioid addiction. Over time a person may become completely dependent on opioids. Therefore, withdrawal symptoms can begin to take their toll on a person’s health after continuous use. When someone is abusing opioids the following physical symptoms may emerge:

Drugs like heroin can have extremely intense effects on a person’s body. These strong cravings and dependency can grab a hold of a person. Additionally, with continued a person increases their risk of overdose and death. 


When abusing opioids like heroin, there is always a chance of opioid overdose. Opioid overdose can be unpredictable and life-threatening. If you notice any of these overdose symptoms, call 911 and get help immediately. Opioid overdose symptoms include:

The Importance of Opioid Abuse Treatment

Opioids affect the brain’s actual endorphins with artificial endorphins. Taking opioids over time will cause the body and mind to rely on artificial endorphins. The brain’s central nervous system and the pituitary gland will stop producing its endorphins, prompting a user to build up a drug tolerance of the drug to get the same effect. This can lead to a high risk of overdose and death.

Even if a person does not overdose, long-term opioid addiction can cause lasting negative effects, including liver damage or even brain damage. If someone is not able to prevent themselves from using more than the recommended amount, they need to seek professional help immediately from an opioid rehab center.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Options

Opioid addiction can take over your life and affect everyone around you. Fortunately, there are a number of different treatment options to help you live a cleaner and better life. Daylight Recovery Services allows full and effective treatment for opioid addiction. Let’s take a look at some of our trusted treatment options. 


Detoxification is usually one of the first steps of treatment. This process usually involves getting rid of drugs (in this case opioids) from the body. Detox helps the person cope with the intense withdrawal symptoms of opioids. 

Daylight Recovery Services offers a safe and trusted detox process. Medically assisted detox allows for a safe and open environment with medical professionals by your side. Detox is a vital part of opioid addiction treatment and opens the door for other treatment options. 


Inpatient or residential treatment allows for an intense and safe environment for opioid treatment. One of the most effective ways to treat addiction is to reside in an environment with medical professionals by your side. 

Opioid addiction can be extremely hard to overcome alone and if not treated with care, can lead to relapse and other negative effects. Daylight Recovery offers a safe and comfortable environment for you to get treated and start living a better life down the line. 


Opioid addiction can not only affect a person’s health but it also affects their mind as well. When someone becomes attached to opioids, they change their behavior in order to satisfy their strong cravings. Individual casting and therapy helps change a person’s mindset on addiction and can teach skills to avoid relapses down the line. Therapy options for opioid addiction treatment include:

What to Expect at Opioid Our Opioid Treatment Program

Our expert staff will plan an opioid treatment plan for you or your loved one based on personal needs. We start off opioid rehab with inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment is a type of treatment in which a patient is provided with 24-hour care at a live-in facility. After detoxing from opioids comes a number of personalized services including:

Admissions Process for Opioid Abuse Treatment Riverside County

If you or a loved one are addicted to opioids, the first step toward recovery starts here. Our opioid treatment center admission staff are available 24/7 to take your call anytime. Reach out today for help with opioid addiction in Corona, CA.


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