A Guide On Finding Your Sober Mate

In a culture where drinking is glamorized, workplaces have beer and wine in the community fridge, and after-work happy hours are the norm, being sober and meeting a sober partner in and outside of work can be tough. However, the internet has made it easier to meet a partner by providing online dating apps and social media chat rooms that match you with people who have similar interests, backgrounds, and world views. But in recovery, it can be much trickier to meet people who not only share in your interests and values but also your sobriety. But fear not – there are many ways to date in recovery, especially in the digital age, and below we list a few fun and unique ways to find your sober mate. Yes, it may be a little more challenging – but the work is worth it!

Try Sober Dating Apps

Meeting online is not only easy – but pretty much how most people date today. Dating apps allow people to look for dates who match their specific interests but over the last few years, they also allow people to browse singles in specific niches – like sober communities. These sober dating sites take the “edge off” of having to discuss your journey to recovery. If you don’t meet anyone of interest on these sites, you can try the traditional sites like Match and still be successful. Though a little more work, these sites do have hundreds of people to choose from and if you’re comfortable being upfront about your sobriety – there’s a good chance you’ll meet many people who are also in recovery. And the good news? Even if the people you meet aren’t a match – they probably know many other men/women who are in recovery which they could introduce you to. Remember, it’s all about coming from a positive place and being creative in your search. One Note to Consider: Although it’s tempting to date within your own recovery program, it’s highly recommended to avoid this. So if you meet someone online who is also in your recovery group, move on to the next candidate. You want your recovery group to remain your safe space.

Join Outdoor Adventure Groups

People in these groups are generally focused on health and wellness and are likely open to dating someone who is sober. There are outdoor dating sites that match you to others who enjoy the same activities and outdoor adventures you love. Or join local meetups in your area that offer weekly/monthly outdoor activities that fit your interests. Whether it’s hiking, running, cycling, paddle boarding, or climbing – you are guaranteed to meet others with the same exercise goals and love of nature.


Finding some great causes to volunteer for is another excellent way to meet people. Volunteering allows you to automatically meet others you are already in alignment with. For example, if you like building things and volunteer for a disaster relief organization that build houses – this will allow you to meet people who love making things but who are also passionate about service to others – just like many people in addiction recovery programs.  

Look Into Sober Travel Groups

Sober travel groups bring together like-minded people who are committed to sobriety and love to travel. No drinking or drug use is allowed on these trips, and most sober travel organizations want to create a safe, supportive community for women and men when traveling. Will you find the love of your life – maybe, but you will find like-minded individuals who love to travel, have fun, and respect your sobriety.

Explore New Hobbies

Colleges, art centers, museums, businesses, and local restaurants all offer classes on everything ranging from yoga, dancing and painting to coding and cooking. It’s evident that people in these classes have a similar hobby as you, but it also means they also enjoy doing activities that do not involve alcohol or drugs. Even if you don’t meet your new love during the class, you’ll meet others who enjoy these hobbies and make new friends. After all, what is life in recovery about if it’s not living your best life!

Join A Gym or Exercise Class

This is pretty self-explanatory – but most people in your gym or workout class are going to be into healthy living. Yes, it does not guarantee they do not drink or do drugs, but maintaining a healthier lifestyle usually leads to less drinking or smoking. It’s also a lot easier to explain your sober lifestyle to those who have a focus on wellness.

Addiction and Recovery

There is a great life waiting for you with recovery and that includes finding love. However, if someone you know is battling a substance use disorder or addiction, get help now. Daylight Recovery Services specialize in treating a full spectrum of alcohol and drug addictions as well as co-occurring disorders. We incorporate a multidisciplinary treatment approach, and rehabilitation programs are designed based on the specific needs of each patient. Do not be afraid to take the first step toward a healthy, new, sober lifestyle – contact the recovery experts at Daylight Recovery Services today at 1-833-2DAYLIGHT.