8 Must-Listen Podcasts on Addiction, Recovery, and Sobriety

Tackling the subject of addiction is not an easy one. There are thousands of online articles, blogs, eBooks, websites, and social media posts discussing this challenging topic. This summer, why not give your eyes a rest and try another medium – podcasts. Here’s a round-up of podcasts to get you started on your listening journey of shows that offer courageous guests and unique perspectives on addiction, recovery, and sobriety

Far from Finished 

Far from Finished is a podcast series that shares the unfiltered, real-life stories of people in recovery by author Alexis Castro. Told in their own words, these stories provide insight into the experiences of people who are embarking on their own personal journey of recovery and triumph over addiction. “Start anew. The search for hope is never finished.”

The Unruffled 

The Unruffled is a weekly podcast hosted by Sondra Primeaux and Tammi Salas that explores all topics related to creativity in recovery. When an addiction is removed, there is a void that is left and this show expresses positive, creative ways to fill that void. 

Recovery Unscripted 

Through conversations with a variety of knowledgeable and insightful figures including authors, clinicians, and leaders within the recovery community, the podcast covers relevant topics such as the opioid crisis, mental health care, and addiction treatment. 

A Sober Girls Guide 

This podcast, hosted by Jessica Jeboult, covers conversations about mental health, wellness, and spirituality and their influence on the recovery journey. 

Recovery Elevator 

Four hosts, Paul Churchill, Tyrell Laurie, Mike Noll, and Maddy Laroya curate this podcast. Guests share their individual recovery stories while attempting to answer common questions people have as they work towards building a successful sober life for themselves. 

AA Beyond Belief 

AA Beyond Belief is a community of agnostics who follow the 12-Steps in a secular way. The podcast covers issues related to the 12-Steps, as well as topics such as substitute addictions, mindfulness, and the value of friendships in sobriety.

Editing Our Drinking and Our Lives

Podcast hosts, Aidan Donnelley Rowley, and Jolene Park talk about their decisions to make an early exit from the drinking life, the gray area of drinking, and the ongoing edits they make to their lives.

Recovery Happy Hour

Creator and host, Tricia Lewis took her last drink in November of 2016 and discovered life without booze is so much better than she ever imagined. The episodes offer inspiring stories of recovery from alcohol addiction and what lies beyond the bottle.

Treatment for Addiction

As you listen to these podcasts, hopefully, you will feel less alone in your recovery journey. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction or substance use disorder and a mental health disorder, get help now. There is no cure for addiction, but it is treatable and recovery is possible- contact us today at 1-833-2DAYLIGHT.